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The Convergence of Data Integration an Machin Learning

The Convergence of Data Integration an Machin Learning


Machine learning (ML) training data is often scat- tered across disparate collections of datasets, called data silos. This fragmentation poses a major challenge for data-intensive ML applications: integrating and transforming data residing in different sources demand a lot of manual work and com- putational resources. With data privacy constraints, data often cannot leave the premises of data silos; hence model training should proceed in a decentralized manner. In this work, we present a vision of bridging traditional data integration (DI) techniques with the requirements of modern machine learn- ing systems. We explore the possibilities of utilizing metadata obtained from data integration processes for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and privacy of ML models. Towards this direction, we analyze ML training and inference over data silos. Bringing data integration and machine learning together, we highlight new research opportunities from the aspects of systems, representations, factorized learning, and federated learning



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